What is Bikano noodle

What is Bikano noodle


If you cannot remember the last time you ate a Bikano noodle then these ones are definitely the ones you should remember. These noodles, which are also commonly called minipes orottage bread, are thick and soft flour made from durum wheat. The term Bikano noodles comes from the small communities that manufacture these biscuits in Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh. However, the word Manor comes from a Sanskrit word. Manor is arufusing compound for ‘laboratory’. Therefore the noodles are commonly called labbee noodles or citriche. Another name for this flour is labali.

Dehradun is the biggest

cheese producing center in India. There are some say that the boiling of the cheese in water for a long time helps the flavor to develop. After this long fermentation process, the cheese is ready to be eaten. Another big factor that influence the texture of the cheese is the type of milk used. The cheese that is used for manufacturing says that it is a soft one and yet it has a crumbly texture.

Along with this large cheese industry, the hand making of the flour is also widely practiced. This is done by women in certain communities. The women will mix the ingredients and then pour this on bread made from the flour. This is what is used as the main ingredient for the famous Bikano namkeens. These are found in every part of India and are sold at different prices according to the region. They are also eaten during marriage ceremonies.

So What Do You Need To Know About Bikano Noodles?

It is very important to buy only those made here in India. Otherwise, you might not get the best product. Here is what you need to know about Bikano noodles.

Cold Noodles สล็อตเว็บตรง

These are most commonly served cold. They are made with eggs, flour, butter and then boiled in a kettle.

Different Ways to Cook Cold Noodles

You can also cook them in many other ways.


This is the easiest and most popular way of cooking cold noodles. Most people say that they are even easier to cook than hot noodles since they can be stored for a long time.

Washing, grinding and kneading

Noodles can also be cooked by the methods mentioned here. They can be baked, fried and also made into bags for carrying them.

Going through the pleasurable experience of eating Indian Spaghetti by the many names, you would appreciate the quickness and easy way of cooking Spaghetti. For instance, you can cook Spaghetti away by simply adding oil and cheese.

Soup for instance is also very simple. It can be made in a hurry by using instant soup mix. Soup comes in many different forms, but generally a thick and canned soup is availible. This is called Thai soup.

Spaghetti is also very simple. It can be prepared by using a long even pasta and can be filled with any forms of meat and vegetables.

As mentioned earlier, vegetables make the meal very delicious and make it easily digestible.

It is said that vegetables make Italian food a very healthy option. This is because vegetables are rich in nitrogen and Vitamin C.

Typical Indian food is Gujarati cuisine. Gujarati cuisine is classical and has a very rich and colorful history. The traditional Gujarati food is a combination of multiple spices and also vegetables. Gujarati cuisine was earlier known as a largely vegetarian cuisine and now it is known as almost a exclusively vegetarian cuisine. The people here eat only vegetarian food.

But more recently, the trend in consuming Gujarati food has veered more to a Western influenced food. This is not necessarily a criticism of the food, but only a review of the phenomenon of a rapidly growing population of vegetarian more and more.

So expect to see more and more Indian restaurants in the future being designed with this in mind.