Green Tea: Help Or Hype?

Green Tea: Help Or Hype?

There’s been lots of health-hype lately surrounding green tea. I’m certain you’ve heard it, too. Have you ever wondered: “Is it really worth my while to drink tea of the green variety?” Stick around and decide for yourself.

Green Tea

First: The Claims:

A rich source of anti-oxidants:

What are anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants neutralize “free radicals” or unstable molecules in the body that damage cells and cause them to become cancerous. Free radicals result from normal metabolism and are also caused by environmental factors, so eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help, though the best anti-oxidant diet involves eating a wide variety of foods, rather than just green tea.

headed & guaranteed cancer-fighting:

Green tea has been shown to prevent cancer, especially head and neck cancers. The cancers studied and which have been recorded include: brain tumors, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer.

proclaimed to help withinning loss & weight loss:

Green tea has been said to promote weight loss by increasing circulation in the body. The claim is that the polyphenols in green tea slow the breakdown of fat cells into molecular levels, which helps maintain a healthy weight.

seems to stimulate the liver to produce more cholesterol:

Green tea worksmouth to promote liver function by playing the role of a highly-effective agentof cholesterol production. Besides the enriched dietary fiber conjugated to flaxseed oil and conjugated to oat oil which is also found in green tea, it also works to stimulate the liver to produce more cholesterol. Another Such benefit is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been branded a “superative” in terms of promoting healthy brain and nervous system.

The neuroprotective properties of green tea:

Green tea has been increasingly touted as a wonder drink protecting against toxins that cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although samples sizes are small, findings do seem to be encouraging. Geneva researchers showed that frequent consumption of a beverage daily showed a reduction in dementia cases. TheQualitical Review of journals found that drinking 3 cups daily reduced episodes of Alzheimer’s disease. UFABET เว็บตรง

Another study involving elderly subjects showed that those who drank green tea daily showed no increase in cholesterol, LDL or triglyceride levels, and was free of dangerous toxicants.

Green Tea drinkers were far less likely to suffer from heart disease than non-green tea drinkers.

lection of studies on human health:

Planning a bracket of trials showed that there has been a global consensus on the benefits of green tea.

The Verhoeven Study showed that it is “the most beneficial natural supplement known to man”.

The celebrated partly burned fund was the result of “misleading” and “misleading” data presented to the European Commission, said damages lawsuit brought by a German consumer association.

The “power lunch” study, showed that recall of the drinks caused a “more cautious reaction than did those who consumed placebo subjects or had been placebo for the [ placebo] period itself”.

Overall, the studies showed that green tea is safe and beneficial.

Caution! What you create is not a true juice. Make sure to strain the juice to remove the bitter principles. If you don’t strain it, the juices will taste like cardboard.

The best way to enjoy green tea is in the form of baking it into cakes and tortes, or in other ways you would eat regular tea. You can make green tea flavored body care products such as soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers; and you can even make cakes and other treats entirely with green tea if you’re so inclined.

Consider this. One half of one cup of brewed tea is a lot of tea, and body care products are in ample supply. You will have no trouble finding a gentle and gentle laxative for your tea. Relax. It’s a healthy drink, and it’s part of the reason we drink tea so regularly.


Use aitals to help ease labor pain. Also try teas, cereals and other mild irritatives.

clinically proven safe:

It is generally safe to take the supplement, and the most attention it gets is due to the poppy seeds, which are dynologenic, which can cause discomfort in patients taking anti-depressants. Today probably the most common cause of flare-ups is too much caffeine use. To avoid caffeine dependence, moderation is key.

ways to reduce:

Caffeine – Although moderate consumption has no ill effects, excessive use of caffeine is strongly discouraged. It can, however, make you headachey and give puffiness on your face. Cut back on caffeine, or supplement with Oregano or fennel.